The Buffman Project

Help our Troops In Combat Zones!


What makes the Buffman Project different from other troop support groups is our direct contact with these men.  It is 100% volunteers - no pay, no rent, no advertising - ALL is for our service members! 

How it started:  On June 27, 2011 A Corporal in the Marine Corps with the call name "Buffman" lost his life due to an IED while in Afghanistan. During his career in the Marines, Buffman always went by the books, thought about his guys below him and took the "hard" route because, "that's what Marines are trained to do." Buffman's vision was to make sure his guys were "taken care of."

After Buffman lost his life, a few of his men were conversing about how awesome would it be to get a care package full of "stuff we actually need?" That's when "The Buffman Project" came to life. What a great way to honor his memory: Raise money for care packages for the units coming in behind theirs.

Two weeks later one of the Marines, whom is from Exeter, NH was shot in the same area of Afghanistan and flown back to the states.  This Marine could not understand why "he" was in the news while there were still other troops risking their lives and not getting any recognition. After the surgeries, the Marine spoke to his mother about the vision. "We are grateful for the letters we receive, but what we REALLY need is hygiene items, canned food & socks most of all".  His mother (now our president) spoke to many other wounded warrior at different stages of recovery while in the hospital and they ALL said the same thing - " Take care of the guys back in Afghanistan"

These heroes would add things to the shipping list that the units could use - nothing extravagant, things like toothpaste, socks, drink mixes.  It was then that the Buffman Project was officially created.





Before we knew it we had a space donated to work from, retail stores donating goods for the boxes, distributors offering support, schools doing various drives, and people contributing items on the "Wish List". 


But now we have run into a problem - we have not been able to acquire enough shipping sponsors.  



You can help by sponsoring a care package (usually around $50 each),  contributing items on the list or donating your household items that can be re-sold. Finders Keepers is acting as a drop off point and helping to sponsoring packing and shipping costs. There is also a tab on store web site for additional details or stop by Finders Keepers at 88 Portsmouth Ave., in Exeter,  NH (603) 772-1733

All care packages to go directly to a troop in a combat zone.  Each box has a name on it and is customized for what that unit needs.   We have made a deal to buy some of the items at a discounted rate so the most effective way to show your support for our troops is with a financial contribution thru PayPal, by check or a donation left at any TD BANK.   Any items for the troops may be left at Finders Keepers or mailed. 

Smaller cash contributions will be pooled with others to create a package.  However, if you don't want to give cash, please consider donating some of the following items.  

There is also a tab under "sponsors" that show no cost ways to help. 


Current biggest needs are new socks and boxers – solid colors only  

T-Shirts (solid tan or grey)
DVDs – new or used

Used laptops – will be gone thru before shipping

Portable DVD players - new or used

Jerky and Canned Meats

Nuts (can only)

Granola bars

Pop Tarts
Trail mix (no chocolate)

Peanut butter


Store link is: